NEXT WORKSHOP – JOURNEY TO THE HERO’S HEART  – 19-21st March 2010 – Malta

hummingbird_smallThis will focus on the direction North and the fabulous, mythic journey of the hero, where we will map out and journey to our highest destiny. 

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of whether you have already accompanied us on our workshops to South and West. 

So please invite friends or anyone you feel would be interested, there will be other opportunities to catch up with the essence of these journeys at some point in the future.

We are delighted to be returning to Malta in the spring and have made a great start in preparing the content, which is very exciting. 

The date will be 19-21st March. 

PLEASE ALSO LOOK AT for more information




WORKSHOP 2: West – JOURNEY TO THE WEST – JAGUAR ENERGY- 16th to 18th October 2009

What we will be working with in the West:

S095167-Jaguar-AnimalEyes-CloseupIn the South we looked deeply at ourselves and began the process of shedding our past and all the things that hold us in a place that no longer serves us.  We began to examine our old beliefs, stories and behaviours that bind us to our old selves and we worked hard energetically to shed all of that, enabling us to make deep connections to the Earth and to walk and move freer and on the path of Beauty.

In the West we go even deeper.  With our “new”, lither bodies we are now able to shapeshift into Jaguar.  We learn to “see” in the dark, to really develop our sense faculties and from a position of strength and grace we explore the oceanic depths of the soul and of the unconscious.  We look death squarely in the face, fearlessly and impeccably and we learn what lies beneath and beyond the life/death/life cycles.

In this workshop we will experience directly former lifetimes, laying them finally to rest.  We will then travel deep into the forest of the unconscious, into the place of our dark and powerful feminine and re-discover our intuition – that which guides us safely back to our innermost selves.  We will map out the terrain of the lower worlds and begin the process of retrieving parts of our souls which, for myriad reasons, we lost contact with earlier in this or in past lifetimes.

We will learn new and beautiful ways of weaving within our luminous bodies the belts or bands of power and the seven eyes (ñawis) of perception.  And in preparation for our deep journeying we will perform a number of energetic exercises and ritual cleansings using ancient Inka techniques.  In short, we will begin to experience what it means to work shamanically and how this really can transform our lives.

You will also be gifted a stone from the Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.


WORKSHOP 1 :  South – STEPPING ON THE PATH  (24th to 26thApril 2009)

Snake GreenPython no background


It is the Time to Honour and give deep gratitude for this Earth and our Lives.  Time for us to stand up and step into the vision of the life we have been dreaming of from a place of power, love, gratitude and wisdom. 

Come and join us in a lovely venue in Madliena, Malta,  to allow the living energies of the Universe to conspire on our behalf to walk the Path of Beauty!

This is going to be a very special time for us all, places are limited to 25, so please register now to make sure your place is secured. 


DATES      Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April 2009

TIMES      First morning 9.30 registration for 10am prompt start                   finishing by 5pm

Remaining days 10am prompt start, finishing 5pm

VENUE     Madliena, Malta

COST for the 3 day workshop – €150 (please bring packed lunch)

TO REGISTER         email

Tel:   79201211

Skype 201211  

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to register and guarantee your place on the workshop.  

Any enquiries about the workshop and it contents please email the address below.

Beginning the Journey with the South direction on the Medicine Wheel, we will be working with the beautiful coils of light energy of Serpent.  We will learn about Earth medicine, the sacred animating energy of Pachamama, Mother Earth.  As you may know, the ancient temples in Malta are entered from the south.

A Key part of the healing journey of the South is to begin to shed the past and all the limiting ways we perceive ourselves and prevent us from stepping into our true being and walking the path of Beauty. We will be working with the natural elements to make visible and work directly with the energies that hold us in particular states and perspectives. 

Using a wide range of methods which speak to body, mind, soul and spirit (e.g. bodywork exercises, guided visualisations, story-telling and pure energy work) we will learn the following:

  • The Cosmology of the Inka Shaman and how to incorporate this into our daily lives.
  • The luminous architecture of the body and how to nourish it with the energies of earth, water, fire and air and how to cleanse the body of energies that do not serve us, using a range of simple cleansing techniques.
  • How to begin creating a personal Mesa (Medicine Bundle).  The Mesa is the thread and primary embodiment of our teaching throughout these workshops. Each participant will have the opportunity to build their own Mesa for personal healing.
  • How to develop and work with Sand Paintings to help us gain new perspectives on old stories that hold us in places of fear and powerlessness. We will also learn how to work in harmony with nature to allow these stories to dissolve these old states and to transform us.
  • How to make a Despacho, a living prayer mandala which is a core element of Peruvian shamanism of the High Andes.  Despachos are beautiful prayer wheels used for honoring and for deep healing of ourselves and the world around us.
  • How to build a Sacred Fire and to use this fire to grow the seeds of our becoming



Living Energy Healing look forward to meeting with you all and helping you take that first courageous step on the path.

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