If you are reading this page you have been drawn here for a reason…………….. 


What is happening in your world right now?

  •   Do you wake each morning in fear of what life is going to throw at you today, responsibilities have become a burden and the daily pressure of life has become to much to cope with?
  •   Are you feeling that life has lost its direction; you no longer feel that you know where you are going?  You may have lost a job, a role in your life, a loved one, a partner or money.
  •   Are you in a relationship that is stagnant and lifeless, communication is difficult and you feel alone and unsupported.
  •   Are you in pain?  Constant headaches, joint pains, are you feeling under a lot of pressure, anxiety?
  •   Have you realised that you have been living someone else’s dream, always putting them first, beginning to feel resentful because you are the one who does all the giving?


Working together with spirit I can help you return to your joy, creativity and passion for living.  Recover your personal power and energy, heal your emotional wounds and gain “wholeness”.  Clear the emotional hooks that bind you to others and release the negative ways in which you have learned to define yourself. Unlike traditional therapy this is not a prolonged weekly commitment, old energy patterns are identified quickly and dealt with in the moment, after each session we can discuss where we need to go from there, it maybe time is needed to integrate the energy work, or something identified where it would benefit further work.  As a general rule 8 sessions  over a period of time will bring about balance and fairly major shifts in your energy field,  after each session a  period of integration and  honouring is required. However every client’s needs are different and I can only ascertain what is needed once we have met.



It is time now to take back your life, reclaim your identity and stand in your own true power.

It is time to find the source of the wounds and heal them, retrieve parts of us lost at time of trauma, repair imprints and cleanse and balance the luminous energy field



What to expect when you come to see me

The Healing Session 

Each session is different as the work I carry out is decided upon in the moment, it may include one of the following or more.  However to give you a guide, so that you have an idea of what to expect, I will explain some of the techniques I use to bring about balance and harmony in a clients energy field.


Cleansing the chakras, checking for “stuck” energy, old patterns of behaviour and pain held in the luminous energy field.  Releasing the heavy energy through the chakras and rebalancing


Generally tracking and locating imprints that are rooted deep in the luminous energy.  These imprints affect our lives in many adverse ways and are usually held there through past wounding, past live damage, and present traumatic experiences. 


Cleansing the luminous energy field and severing connections / cords, that no longer serve you.

Soul Retrieval

When we experience trauma of any kind, in that moment we experience a “soul loss” it’s a survival instinct, the soul flees in order to survive the experience.  The soul is our life force, our essence; its what keeps us alive and flourishing. For the most part soul loss in today’s culture would more than likely be any kind of abuse, physical, emotional, and sexual.  It could also be an involvement in a natural disaster, death of a loved one, divorces, addictions or divorce. 

This loss can be the root cause of dis-ease, feelings of being lost, numbness, not being in your body, not being grounded.   In order to heal this as a shaman I need to retrieve this part, travel deep into mother earth and find the gift for you and place it back where it rightfully belongs, flooding the self with the light of loving positive energy

Visualisations  and Integration work

Balancing the feminine and masculine energies through rites, ritual, In today society both men and women have become totally out of balance. Ideally, each individual would have the healthy, mature male and female aspects working together as equal partners. Yet, this is rarely the case. As humans experience the slings and arrows of life, their inner males and/or females becomes wounded, and their development arrested.

There is both a dark side and a light side of both the masculine and feminine. The dark side of the masculine shows itself as harsh, overly competitive, violent. The light side of the masculine shows itself as protective, eager, outwardly helpful. The dark side of the feminine shows itself as weak, insecure, tentative, needy. The light side of the feminine shows itself as open, receptive, listening, nurturing.

Men or women who have not integrated their feminine sides tend to be hard or cold. Their warmth is lacking or inconsistent. Men or women who have not integrated their masculine sides are often seen as weak or passive. They tend to hold back, allowing others to walk on them. Individuals who are out of balance — whether male or female — bring imbalance into relationships and organisations.

This balance can be achieved by giving the Daykeepers and Wisdom Rites; we can also make a despacho together in ceremony.  Also deep meditative visualizations.

Ceremony and Ritual

Life has many significant stages that need honouring and given sacred markers to signify these rites of passage in our lives.  Despachos, honouring to the earth and the sacred mountains, sacred ceremony and fires are all ways in which I can assist in honouring this important steps in our lives.

Creating a new mythic map

Its important that we don’t keep going back and revisiting old wounds, inventing a new map, a guide in which to live our lives in a sustainable way using archetypes, the medicine wheel and story telling will be your new path.  A new map in which to start your epic journey

In order to heal each individual client I need to draw upon every aspect of my journey and teachings to date and create ways to restore balance and healing, the sessions may include one or more of the above or none, I work with self expression in the form of therapeutic artwork, sound and   movement, whatever it takes to get to the point where a significant shift is made.

After the session

There is no doubt you will leave the session with a deep sense of relaxation and well being, however, working with the energy field is not instant and you will you be noticing affects from the session over the following days and weeks, sometimes months and not the most obvious ways.  After each session I will go through what we achieved and if I feel there will be benefit of further work, then we can discuss this and make a further appointment if necessary.  All issues bought for healing vary in their degree of severity, some can be dealt with in a couple of sessions, some more deep rooted problems and ones that are hidden under many layers can take 8 or more over a period of time. Unlike therapy this is not usually carried out weekly for a protracted number of weeks or years.  Dealing with energies is far quicker in getting to the root causes but it need time to develop fully.

Session details

I only see clients in person by prior arrangement.  Please see contacts page for details on how to reach me.

However I am happy to receive calls and  answer any questions about shamanic practice, energy healing, anything that will help you to find out if this work is for you or not.

I also offer shamanic healing remotely, using skype if available to my client.  Usually I like to have a one to one healing session initially, however if circumstances do not allow for this then I am happy to work remotely from the first instance.

Healing sessions can last for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours. Although the initial session can last longer

I work very centrally in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I really look forward to hearing from you, my contacts page has all the details for getting in touch.



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