The Winter Solstice

December 21, 2014

The shortest day, the longest night, as from today the light returns, the sun will bathe the earth for a little longer each day and the darkness will awaken from its slumber.

Slowly, slowly,  Mother earth will be coerced into movement by the warmth of the sun and together they will bring a magnificent union.  In that dark, moist mysterious place under the earths surface, magic happens.  Seeds  of our becoming will be slowly stirred into life, seeds of hope, seeds of love, seeds of compassion and they will grow strong roots and fertile shoots will forge up thought the earth, beauty will abound…………   Until then we can slumber in the winters dark night and dream of worlds we are going to bring into being.  Rest and replenish ourselves in readiness for the abundance to come………………..

Today is the time to honour the return of the light.

For me its a time to return to my work and practice.  A place that feels like returning home


The New Year has dawned, that is if you look at this date in terms of our calendar ………

However, for me the New Year started at the winter solstice, not that long ago, but at a time when we honoured the suns return on December 21st.

On that morning I went for a walk, honoured the trees around me, especially the oaks that stand strong and powerful and line my route through the forest.   Their majestic limbs embody the seasons, the turning of the wheel of life, through the winters restful healing, the fertile freshness of spring, the joyful magnificence of summer and the abundance and wisdom of autumn.

Nothing stays the same, everything changes, some life cycles are short some are extraordinarily long, think of a butterfly, think of a sunflower, think of the two legged and the four legged, the finned and the furred, think of consciousness, think of our world, think of the universe and the galaxies, ever changing, miraculous and magical, unfolding in front of our very eyes, every second of every day.

It would seem that 2012 is marking the end of a huge cyclical process of consciousness, nobody knows what this year will bring although there are many who prophecy apocalyptic change.  Change is afoot, there is no doubt, but what it will be, nobody really knows.  For me I am setting my intention to live in abundance in all areas of my life, in spirit, in love, in community, in grace, in wisdom and in courage…………..

Embrace each day and let if unfold with grace and courage, live it, love it, give love and live from the heart.  The thinking mind can aid us but our intuitive mind; our intuition that comes from the heart is our true wisdom, our instinctual wildness, follow it.  Follow the wildness that speaks to us all, don’t tame it, diminish it or ignore it, find the courage to embrace it and let it lead you to pastures new.

The image I have posted here was originally a photograph taken on the solstice morning; it was of an old gnarled ivy vine that had wrapped around an oak tree.  After I “played” with it, so much was revealed.  The two magi that stand sentinel to the vulvar opening or our mother earth, and sitting atop is the butterfly of transformation.  What is mother earth birthing?  What hidden mysteries lay in the depths of her womb that are yet to be revealed?

The solstice is near

December 18, 2011

Oh what an amazing morning, blue skies, a carpet frost and the morning sun turning the last few leaves clinging to the oaks to beautiful molten gold…………….  I have been sitting here at my window as I do most morning, watching the dark skies turn to light as the sun bursts over the horizon.  In a few days we will be plunged again into the dark night, the longest night, the darkest night in the calandar between sunset and sunrise.

Its a time to honour this darkness, to reflect and have gratitude for these dark days bereft of light.  To see the beauty in the trees nakedness, empty of their summer fullness, to see the wisdom winter brings in teaching us about the need for withdrawl as an essential part of renewal.

As we honour this darkness we also,  honour the return of the sun as the solstice brings hope to our lands as the planet experiences the first slow turn towards the spring. Let us remember the positive, enriching aspects of winters bleak darkness.  Long walks in the frost, wrapped up to keep the cold away and returning for tea by the crackling flame of an open fire.  Sitting in candle light, reflecting on the year past and like the trees shed their leaves we too can take time to reflect on what no longer serves us in our lives, and let these drop away like a falling leaves.

The darkness acts like a nurturing womb, we are held safe in the darkness whilst we rest and replenish our energies for the coming year and learn to connect to our own inner light.  Our mother earth is holding space deep in the mysteries of the dark loam, the womb of the earth, for in these seeds and bulbs basking in slumber , lay our future hopes and dreams, the promise of life and renewal, a future garden of delights.

Albert Camus wrote  “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”

I shall be celebrating solstice with a dear friend Ali who has organised a circle of light for friends  to make a despacho to honour our new becomings, the darkness  and to give gratitude to the return of the sun…………..

Happy Solstive everyone

garden of delights – recent watercolour




Good vibrations

September 18, 2011

Memories eh, what would we do without them…………  happy, sad, good, bad, this is what they are, part of our journey, our story that brings us to the here and now, our life as it is today.    However, if we haven’t let the more niggling ones die, we can travel back to these times, these feelings in an instant, reliving the emotions, feelings of that time right now in the present.  An adult being, responding like a child,   feeling and behaving as if we are that child with all the fear, anxiety and insecurity,  pushing our energies “vibrations” way of balance and sometimes making important decisions from this unreal place.

A friend sent em this video yesterday in response to my call for sending good vibes over to me, I was feeling rather overwhelmed with issues that had arisen, not knowing which way to turn, nobody could give me the answers, this I had to find out for myself, journey and use my intuition to guide me to what is right.  But it was so nice to know I had friends holding a good space for me, and this “connection” , heart to heart is fundamental to me in my wellbeing.

The vidieo footage did send me right back to 1966, I was 17 and had just become a mother.  Bitter sweet memories for me, guess for  a moment though I did become that 17 year old, with lots of confused feelings, joy and deep sadness but instantly I knew, that although part of my journey,  it is not with me today, I could honour the teenager in me, and know that I wouldnt be who I am today without that experience, I can see it, accept it and move and not be drawn back to those harrowing times and relive it today.  There is no need, like all things, they have their time and space, but we come to a time when they no longer serve us and we need to let them go, let them die and allow space for new seeds to be nurtered and spring forth into full blossom

Tomorrow I start to grow a seed that has been laying dormant, I am starting to train as a transpersonal art therapist, so looking forward to all the gifts that are coming my way !! and will in time share many others.


Mother Earth, the Mother Goddess, The sleeping goddess of the Hypogeum in Malta.  An amazing underground temple, the energy there is strong and powerful  and when I read this was the incubation chamber of dreams, this was like the “mother board” where dreams  became reality, I knew today I needed to call her in.    In doing so this image came to me it’s the mother goddess, womb like and giving birth to new beginnings,

click on the image to enlarge

Circle of Stones

February 20, 2011


Written by Judith Duerk

Woman, seeking sense of who she is, of how she wishes to live her daily life, letting its patterns and rhythms express her deepest values.  Woman, today under pressure, faced with the temptation today to live out her life in the realm of the masculine, denying her own needs, mistrusting her fatigue, ignoring the anguish of her own struggle

Her task will be to gain the help and support of her inner masculine side, and to return to the values of the Archetypal feminine as she ground her life in and order and clarity that nurture her.

A woman in this book, gifted with abundant creativity, never certain whether she possesses it, or it possesses her, wrote the following, this just leapt of the page to  me………

“For me the balance between doing and just being is the most important and dangerous question.  IF I am guilted or lured into achieving too much and lose the stillness in my centre, then it takes me a long time to regain it and I do violence to myself or those I love because of fatigue and pressure.

I have had to give up “winning big” because I love my life when I am connected to it.  I hate it when it and I get caught up in competition and deadlines. Then I have an overriding sense of impatience, my foot taps…….. I gulp down my food whole……… I spill coffee when I am pouring and burn myself on the stove…… I rip, and wrench and tear.  There is a violence that takes over every act and shrieks orders at me.

I am finding it takes a lot of time to be a woman, to have an inner feeling of space and breath, a chance to sink into myself……  as long as I take time to light a candle to my life, it remains my life.  But if I hurry into work without that small moment of quiet then I have already lost myself for the rest of the day.  The task for me is to care, daily, for myself and  my life….. to love and to nurture, within myself, moment by moment, the quality of quiet presence, quietly being present in my life, which sanctifies it,  to live as if the candle is alight

Best ever explanation of how to dream courageoulsy, Definitely a must listen to podcast,


The Start of a New Year

January 2, 2011

Beautiful words for the journey ahead

The Journey

by Mary Oliver

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting
their bad advice–
though the whole house
began to tremble
and you felt the old tug
at your ankles.
“Mend my life!”
each voice cried.
But you didn’t stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried
with its stiff fingers
at the very foundations,
though their melancholy
was terrible.
It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen
branches and stones.
But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own,
that kept you company
as you strode deeper and deeper
into the world,
determined to do
the only thing you could do–
determined to save
the only life you could save.


The seeds of our becoming

November 27, 2010

this is the time of the year to start thinking of those seeds growing within, deep within .  They are resting, storing up their strength for that big push…………….  Vivid thoughts, make them real

Oil pastels and paint, created by self !



August 24, 2010

TIME that precious commodity, that here in the modern day we seem to hold the paradigm that it’s in short supply.  We have a lack mentality around it and its something we live our lives by.

I most definitely have had big issues around this one, clock watching, deadlines, and if any “spare” time it had to be action packed so as not to waste this precious substance.  I held beliefs like “time is running out, get a move on girl”, Time is scarce”, “there is never enough time to get everything done”,  “ I wish there was more time for me”, “Where has all the time gone”, to “I am getting older my life is running out”.  Hurry, hurry, hurry, quickly, if I do something the easy way it will save time!  I am sure you can think of many of your own.

What are we doing to ourselves, to our relationships, our families, and our community? Never making time………

Completing the medicine wheel initially with the Four Winds, this commonly held paradigm was still in full flow.  When Alberto stood up in front telling us about the Mayan concept of circular time, and how he never waits for anything, like queuing up in the airport he never waits, I just thought, oh rubbish!!  Get in the real world Alberto.  Well now something big has changed I have had a huge shift in consciousness and now fully appreciate exactly how this “lack” mentality on time is a head thing.  It’s a patriarchal control issue and if we have the wisdom to let go, life becomes a totally different world.

I am not sure when this change in my perception changed or what happened to help me see differently but whilst researching something for the coming workshop I read something that really resonated with how I had started to live my life.

Something huge has shifted, it didn’t happen over night, looking back I can see its been evolving slowly over time.  I can see clearly how it’s my connection with the Universe; I am no longer feeling separate.

Since entering into the Crone energies, reaching the age of 60 a year or so ago I have begun to start seeing my life so differently.  I am finding the wisdom to truly let go of all the pain that has surrounded my war I had with the world for my survival and by putting down my archetypal weapons I can see exactly how the that vulnerable little child protected herself and how I thought it was serving me.  I have let go of the beliefs that I have to do everything myself and know now its ok to reach out.  In doing so I understand fully that trusting in the flow of life, dropping the control, time loses its enemy status.  Is any of this striking a cord with you?

The “letting go” is where it all begins, it can be easy or it can be hard, its all in the intention and again the beliefs we hold.  What beliefs are you still holding?    I held “how can I ever get over this, best thing is to forget” Wrong! It festers, first it’s finding acceptance of yourself and your shadow parts, and then finding acceptance of others in your life (we cannot change anyone else, but we can change ourselves and how we react to situations.) Practice being non judgmental and if we find ourselves in the act, its more than likely to be found in our own shadow……….  Try not to shrug your shoulders and lay the problem at someone else’s door, its all within us, and if we have the courage to have a look, only good things can happen.

Once acceptance is truly in place the rest seems to follow relatively effortlessly.  For me this is where I began to realize that the universe was actually supporting me, I was not alone in the world anymore.  I had space to allow it in, seems so simple really but its been one hell of a journey to get to this realisation.  I hope for many you are already there, I wouldn’t wish this part on anyone, but if you are still where I used to be, take note, if you keep doing the work, one does get there, honest!! And it is so worthwhile.

One has to face death to really live…  I am in the midst of another round of dying, my home.  This was and I suppose to a degree is my sanctuary, although I now realise that my sanctuary is within me.  When I left my husband which seems eons ago now, I left with only a suitcase of clothes, I adored the feeling of being free, but over time I wanted to surround myself with objects that reminded me of who I was, all this is because I had no clear identity, for so long I had been “Bruce’s” wife, wife of a successful businessman who had it all.  Who was I? The shamanic path has helped me with this, now I see I don’t need all the  “stuff” I am who I am, not my possessions.   So over the past few weeks I have been slowly letting go of everything I held close.  Obviously I still have to sleep in a bed, have items that are functional, but in the exercise of selling things on eBay, ordering carpet and selecting what I really need, that TIME element has reared, not in its scarcity way but in the not waiting and just getting on with life until it comes to me.   Time is not final, it’s not linear with a start and end, it’s most definitely circular, being present, just being in everyday and know the universe supports my every thought.

The following quotes from Don Antonio in a book by Alberto Villoldo


“Manana to gringos, is the day after tomorrow, clock time moving inexorably forward.   For us it’s a philosophy, largely misunderstood by westerners, it means, not doing today what will take care of itself tomorrow. Do what needs to be done today and no more. Not one inch more, you can call it the gift of patience. Trusting the implicit order of the universe, even if you cannot understand it at the moment. Never wait for anything, a bus, a train, for the water to boil, choose to enjoy the sun warming your back, the cool rain on your face and then the bus/train comes along.  Enjoy sitting by the warm embers warming you and then the water boils, no sooner, no later. No “waiting” it will make you insane.  I never wait anymore, everything comes to me


Today annihilates yesterday.  The person who went to sleep last night no longer exists.  But we to cling to the idea that we have a personal history, a past, and this is our identity.  We can only ever be what we are in the moment.  When we cross a stream the water rushes past underneath us, when we cross that stream again, its not the same stream, its not the same water, that has long gone down stream on its journey to the sea.

Blessings, Carol

Meeting with so many people, perfectionism is something that I come across so much, it can be so crippling and disruptive in one’s life, I know because I struggled with this too.   I read this letter from Clarissa Pinkola Estes a few days ago on facebook, and thought I would like to share it with you all here.  She manages to describe the feelings and the background to these insidious feelings so well.

The mask- oils. oil pastels, and layered digitally

Dear Brave Souls: Just some reflections about a kind of perfectionism that insists on ‘highest standards from self and others.”If one carries this attitude, one can be sure one fails daily. One starts one’s day by secretly saying ‘Today I, the grand perfectionist, will fail in many ways, for I shall not be able to be perfected in each thing I do, say, enact.’ Not today. Not on any day.

Looking at perfectionism from that angle, it appears a wicked curse has been placed on a person… that is that they are supposed to sabotage their contentment and peace each day. They are spellbound to act against the wisdom and logic of their own souls.

I’ve heard all the reasonings from those who call themselves with a little too much pride, seeming, perfectionists. Sometimes it sounds as though the person is actually somehow proud of this, even though the dimmest observer can see their chosen perfectionism is not only making them miserable… it is often making others who care about them, miserable too.

Perfectionism is demanding. And the seeming pride in perfectionism is a smoke screed for sadness. Oddly, in one who has developed vast perfectionism ranting at self and sometimes at others, what is least developed is mercy. Mercy for oneself, and mercy for others. And that is where the sadness comes from, the sorrow that one walks this world without mercy from within first and foremost.

There is a punitive aspect to spellbound perfectionism, as though punishing or criticizing or condemning self and others is somehow alright, to be expected, and that one can have gallows humor about it all. It isnt alright. It is cruel. Cruel foremost to oneself. And cruel to others. And cruel because it destroys relationships with decent people. Again, the spell carries a curse that there shall be no resting place, no contentment.

There are other nuances to perfectionism, such as strong resistance to surrender it… which is our clue to that not only has an evil curse been put on the child spirit of this person, saying they will never and ought never accept themselves or others, and that others ought not accept them either, for they are so defective…

but also that somehow the perfectionism is armor… a false armor to be certain, for perfectionists’ hearts can be broke, they can have life befall them, lose their jobs, be bereft, even though driving toward perfectionism with all the drive possible.

So, holding to such perfectionism is not what it appears to be on the surface, an earnest striving to do all things perfectly, but rather perfectionism appears often to be striving not to be seen, critiqued harshly, punished, exiled… ah then, we have clues to the original curse and can spell break it.

If perfectionism is in some large part a plea to ‘let me live, please allow me to take up space on this earth, please let it be alright that I am alive, please do not find me unworthy of life, please have mercy on me and I will promise then if you will let me live… then I will grovel in perfectionism and I know this means I will live cursed, failing each day to be perfect, up to your standards, all of the rest of my days… but I will forfeit myself if only you will please not leave me, please do not harm my spirit. Please let me live.”

In this sense, perfectionism is an armor that looks like Swiss cheese. It protects nothing in the end. And more so, beacsuse the abusing parent has spellbound an innocent child this way, they have also bound them in an even more sinister way to keep trying to please the cruel parent, keep thinking if they only this or that, the parent will love them unconditionally, that the parent will at last, come back to them and be kind and be sheltered, wise and good.

This is sometimes called father hunger or mother hunger, hping that by being good, this will turn the parent good. But even that, the father/ mother hunger is set into place by the brute parent, who uses that hunger to continue to berate the child, not grown, that they are not enough to receive this fabulous love, that they never will be.

What we call father/mother hunger when it is aimed at the ill or deficit parent over and over again, is actually a straw man set up by the prevarivating parent so the child will never do to them what they did to the child: abandon them.

When this spell is broken, the adult child realizes that real and true mother-father hunger is not for the ill parent. It is for ANYONE who will be decent, good, merciful, loving, listening, wise with them.

This is an important differentiation: The child who is free of the curse of the father or mother who doesnt want them but doesnt want anyone else to have them either, will then choose strong good people as parents of the soul and heart. They will find the true parents they belong to. They will no longer be once-born and twice cursed. They will be twice born and free to live new life.

But looking back over many an adult child’s life who thinks they are ‘not good enough’ and thereby compensate that wound with the flimsy armor of perfectionism…. more so, we know, from the tone and timbre of the underlying plea to the abandoning parent, that being spellbound into perfectionism occurred in the perfectionistic person, likely as very young dependent child who was given message after message that they were a big inconvenience, that the child could not be as no child can be, ‘the perfect child,’ meaning the fully controlled child by another…

and that therefore, for being a mere child, a beautiful, precious child, they were called out, shamed, humiliated …and told ‘be perfect or else daddy/ mommie wont love you, mommie or daddy will leave you’…. mysteriously or remaining in full sight but empty hearted toward the child.

Nothing terrifies and freezes a child’s heart more than knowing when they are in such need and so vulnerable as tiny children, that the rock of their life, will not be there for them… and that the parent blames the child for the parent’s own cruel faithlessness toward their own needful child.

This, if so, is terrorizing a child. There is no deeper cut to a child than to sever their security that no matter what, no matter WHAT, they will be loved.

The way back to true home, is this. Rout all old parental assault from your mind. No one has a right to live in your head saying these deleterious things to your child spirit day in and day out. Secondly, go make some minor errors on purpose. This also is freeing, literally bashing back at the parental voices in one’s head that do not belong there. Take a friend to be witness to your mistakes. Make them small and harmless. You may find these humorous, for you are breaking a law you never agreed to abide by. Good for you. Go for it.

You see that the curse cannot hold especially when you can laugh at it. Thirdly understand you are an adult now, not a poor little dependent child who truly would die without their parent’s protection. Now you take care of yourself well and in ways you were not taken care of then. This is what is called self-care, self-comforting, and also this is called growing the good mother within.

Though it may have taken only minutes or days and months to harm a child so deeply that it would take the child years to find their way out of the spell and back into true life, it is every soul’s birthright to bulldoze the house of torment in their own minds and to build there a warm cottage in which live two kindly souls who are ever happy to see you.

So much decontaminating of the mind is an act of prayer, mercy and goodness, pointedly practicing changing the radio station from all screed and no news, to the kind and fierce wisdom station.

This is within everyone’s reach. The spell is over when you say it is over. No one has a right to own another human being, not even psychologically and certainly not spiritually.

You were born free. Take it back. Take it all back. It is fine that you take up plenty of space on planet earth. Despite addled nay-sayers to the contrary, it always has been so that you were meant to be…

I send love,
excerpt from Warming the Stone Child, book ©c.p.estés, Chapter: Ways to Know You Are Healed Well Enough.

The Sensual Self

June 27, 2010

Artwork by Jeni Caruana

Out of all the artwork on Jeni’s website the piece  above is the one that really spoke to me ……………  Just look at her, the rounded gorgeousness, her full and abundant curves, the line of her belly as it undulates towards the fullness of her breast, on all fours her elbows lowering her close to mother earth. I can almost feel my skin touching the moistness of the rich earth beneath her.  She seems totally unaware of any outsiders gaze, so present and awake and alive in her own body, savouring her nakedness with a sense of certainty and pride.   She doesn’t appear to be obsessing about her image, monitoring her body to show it off in any particular way.  She is connected to her inner sacredness, her inner knowingness, the true gift of her intuitive powers, she appears totally at one with them

It’s when we are truly “at home” and present in our body that we become connected to our wildness, our erotic, sensual wildness, and our sexual selves………..   The word erotic derives from the Greek God Eros, literally meaning the personification of love, Plato said, “Eros helps the soul recall knowledge of beauty, and contributes to an understanding of spiritual truth”.   In today’s world the word erotic has come to mean almost the opposite of its real meaning, and in some cases has become a word used against a woman, its no wonder some women shy away from their instinctual intuitive power and cut themselves off from the part that is a source of such immense power.   We live in a society that both glorifies and condemns the freedom of sexual expression, on the one hand we see it used in everyday marketing to sell things from ice cream to trainers but sexual expression is somewhat frowned upon in a woman if she tries to express her sexual feelings and desires and becomes criticized or shamed for this behaviour.   Sexual repression, being disconnected from that true chaotic, creative wildness that is deep within us all, is robbing us of our true expression.

Erotic, sensual and sexual feelings are not words that are just connected to the sexual act and orgasm; they are feelings that are about desire, longing, passion for life and living, chaos, creativity and deep emotion.  `I have learnt from t following this path that my creativity comes from a deep connection within, and not from my head, when I create, draw, paint, feel strong passion for the ideas that are coursing through my veins it’s a very erotic feeling, I feel alive, my senses are heightened, I can taste the excitement rising, I am riding a crest of a wave and in the split second of creation, out of the reign of the chaotic swirling surf, the emotions reach their zenith, the idea shoots out across the paper and my body then sinks into a relaxed state.   I have similar feelings when seeing wonderful views, like the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, it took my breath away and I cried, tasting the silky smooth softness of chocolate melting in my mouth, when cool soft silk slides across freshly bathed skin, the smell of roses…  It’s all so wonderfully fulfilling.  Take a moment and think of what “does it” for you, go there in your heart and feel it in your body, what is it saying to you?  Listen carefully.

Live in love, connect to your passion, the passion YOU feel in your body, not what others think your passions should be but WHAT YOU THINK your passions are.  Have love in your life for everything around you, but above all have love for yourself, love who you are, find acceptance of who you are, love your body.  Dr C P Estes talks about the body as a “multilingual being” that speaks through color, temperature, its subtle movements, and its internal sensations such as a leaping heart or a pit in the stomach and says

“The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filled with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung, even touched lightly, a memory may flow out in a stream”.

She goes on to argue that the importance of the body lies not so much in its appearance, but in its vitality, its responsiveness, and its endurance. A woman who constantly must monitor her body and its form is robbed of her joyful relationship to her given form:

“To malign or judge a woman’s inherited physicality is to make generation after generation of anxious and neurotic women. To make destructive and exclusionary judgments about a woman’s inherited form, robs her of several critical and precious psychological and spiritual treasures. It robs her of pride in the body type that was given to her by her own ancestral lines. If she is taught to revile this body inheritance, she is immediately slashed away from her female identity with the rest of the family… Destroying a woman’s instinctive affiliation with her natural body cheats her of confidence. It causes her to verate about whether she is a good person or not, and bases her self-worth on how she looks instead of who she is”.

Our instinctual selves lie deep within, that juicy magical part that if we can continually connect to will help us to restore the wildness that for some remains illusive.  Coming home to that inner landscape will set your sensual erotic sexuality free.  Pay attention to your body, what it is telling you?  Meditate, journey, do sacred ceremony, be creative and make your journey to within, how you would like it to be.   Another way is to heighten your senses, make sacred space, work with a partner and take it in turns to activate all the five senses, be inventive, let your inner guidance take you to new places, trust and honour your sensuality.  Dance, sway and move to music that really transports you to other lands, dance with a partner, for a partner, dance naked, fully clothed, feel your body free, dance masked, blind folded, however you want it to be, but always open sacred space, call in the archetypes, light a candle and if you can put fresh flowers at your alter.  Set your intention and when you have finished thank and honour the archetypes and close sacred space.

In Munay


Follow your Bliss

June 12, 2010

“Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where once there were only walls”

these words were written by  Joseph Campbell and never a truer word was spoken.

We are all radiate out our luminous energy body, not only us but every object in the universe emits an energetic frequency that connects us all together.  However we all vibrate at differing frequency levels commensurate with what we are holding in our energy fields.  This energy then seeks out, pulls in and attracts situations and people that are vibrating on the exact same level.  So you can see if you follow your bliss, allow yourself to follow that which ignites the passion within you, your vibrational qualities will be raised to a consistent high level, and in turn everything vibrating at that high level will be pulled towards you…     The universe is organizing itself every single second of every day, its going on all the time, without fail, whatever you are consistently carrying within will attract thee same situations and people towards you.  Fear, self doubt and not trusting in the process of life and other negative emotions we hold that do not serve us, will only surround us with heavy walls.  Trust, self-love, listening to your heart, living spontaneously and in the moment with joy and self-belief, following your bliss, will open doors and pathways we never thought possible.

That all sounds really easy, it is, but if we are going to consistently vibrate at a high level and create and pull in everything we dream in our journeywork and meditations, we need to find and clear any imprints we have in our energy fields.  You may find that when you start to think more positively, there maybe a little or a loud voice telling us all the reason this is not possible, or a feeling of discomfort held in our body that your intuition will tell you all is not well.  This is usually an  “imprint” or “block” that is keeping our “vibrations” low.  Some are obvious, and working with Serpent and Jaguar released these early on in our journey around the wheel.  Some however are more illusive, they lie in our shadow selves and are usually patterns of behavior, qualities we hold that we cannot see, don’t want to see or unable to own.  These are more challenging to reveal and there are many different ways to reveal them.  Working with a Shaman can identify these issues, using the Tarot to write a story and identify patterns that have been hiding!  Think of a person that you find difficult to be with, list everything down that you dislike in that person.  Read the list out and know that these are your shadow parts.  Another way is to think of a quality that you are proud of and one that you would like others to use to describe you, once you are clear of the word think of a new word that is the total opposite.  Once found, this is your shadow part.

Being aware of this new quality can in itself be very difficult and uncomfortable to own, but its something we were most probably told at an early age was very wrong, we could have been humiliated, make to feel bad, and definitely something that all our lives we have hidden and most definitely something we don’t want others to know about.  It can be so painful that we covered it up, bound ourselves up so tight with the opposite quality that anyone who shows these qualities we project our anger or irritation towards them.  Therefore we could be in a position where we hold a quality we are blind to that emits a very negative energy that we are totally unaware of.  So you can see how important it is to locate and clear them.

What do we do when we have found this quality or imprint?  The first step is to find healing for this part, in the way we showed you in our latest workshop held a couple of weeks ago.  This is best done with another shaman, the reason being that with a fellow shaman one can work with you using their intuitive powers to “see” and “guide” you through situations where you may not be objective.   However, if you find this is impossible and you need to self illuminate then hold your intention for the outcome that serves you and go ahead!

If you keep on doing your work, hold sacred ceremony, work with your stones in whichever way feels right with you, journey, do soul retrievals, call on your power animals, the archetypes, above all be creative, work together with your “tribe” and together you will be vibrating consistently at an increased level, opening the doors to your dreams.

Journey well my friends