February 26, 2013


Serpent’s gifts are practicing non attachment, non judgement, seeing everything just as it is…………..

Walk the beauty way, see beauty in everything, everyone, every situation…….  think of a world where everyone holds space of acceptance and love; a family.

I came across this video today, you can skip to 1.50 and then just sit back and listen about family and acceptance, this is walking the beauty way with serpent

The beautiful illustration of serpent is by GEORGIA PERRY, look up her website she has some amazing things CLICK HERE

Ancestral Path

March 28, 2010

Our western culture doesn’t make much room for the honoring of  ancestors, for the gifts they gave us that have enriched our lives, layers and layers of story– our story embedded in the story of our family, which in turn is nestled in the story of our parents’ families, and so on back through generations.  This genetic story is wrapped in cultural stories, the places and events that shaped the people who came before us — language, music, landscape.  Within us is a sacred thread that is woven with everyone in our ancestral past.  We carry within us the hopes and dreams, the wounds and longings, of everyone who came before us.

Our ancestors, those who are the twice born, those who have conquered death, who have done battles with the archetypes and the battles of nature to be become persons of great knowledge.  These are the trustees of our earth and it is their wisdom and the parts they played that propelled us to this point in our lives, right here, right now……..

Some people say to me how can we honour ancestors when there has been conflict and problems in our families.  My family is no different, my father was an alcoholic and bought with him disharmony and mayhem, but his weaknesses around drink was my strength, his love of music and the melodies he wrote for his bagpipes bring a richness to my life beyond words.  All our ancestors bear great gifts,  sometimes it just takes time mine the rich seams of gold that lie within.

I personally have come to know of the celtic life  blood that forces through my veins, this has given me that earthy connection to my sexuality,  my wildness, my love of music, literature, poetry,  arts, and my spiritual wisdom, and the power and beauty held in all my female ancestry has given me the strength to survive when everything around me was failing.   I honour you all for your wonderful gifts.

In the North, we encounter the energies of Hummingbird ,  this archetypal energy teaches us to honour ancestors and put them in the order of love, to place them behind us, supporting us, so we can journey forth in the knowledge of who “we are”.

The images show some of the pieces I have made to honour the path I have journeyed so far, my grandmother and great grandmother take their rightful place,  their strength and beauty live on.

ladybird, ladybird

March 24, 2010

For the second night running I have had three ladybirds flying around the room and landing on me.  So I looked up in my totem animal book to see what the ladybird has to say.

To my delight its so very positive

If a ladybird has come into your life  it is time to begin channeling positive energy and passion into your own life. She will help you learn how to direct this energy successfully so that you can implement it into everything you do. It is also a good time to start being  optimistic about your life. Being optimistic, doing daily affirmations, and creating your own reality are all things that ladybird will help you master during your time together.

Ladybirds are a very lucky totem to have. They are very passionate and creative and have a lot of positive energy surrounding them. Individuals with ladybird for a totem will have great success in anything that they do.

Ladybirds have very fast paced and fiery energy surrounding them. This enables them to direct their positive energy and passion into everything they do with tremendous force and success. When channeled, this energy is very powerful and can help those with ladybird as a totem get a tremendous amount of high quality work done in a short period of time.

Since ladybug has so much positive fiery energy surrounding her, she is a wonderful totem to have for positive thinking and affirmations. She will teach you how to see the positive in all situations that you encounter so that you are able to successfully handle everything that you are dealt.

Ladybirds will also help you use positive thinking and optimism while channeling your thoughts into reality. She will teach you that your thought patterns and the energy you put into them manifest into the universe and can have a tremendous impact on what your reality consists of. If you have a bleak outlook on life and are very pessimistic these thoughts can bring more negativity and darkness into your sacred space. By having a positive outlook and adding optimism to your thoughts, that positive energy will manifest wonderful things in your life.

Be stone stupid

March 24, 2010

I recently came back from teaching a workshop about the Hero’s Journey, this quote I plucked from one of my most favourite books of all time,  just about said it all.

Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with the Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman)

Being stone stupid is Just like THE FOOL who starts his journey around the TAROT, he steps out on his own epic journey of the Hero.  He’s uncomplicated, doesn’t worry about whether he makes a mistake or not, lives live joyfully without fear of embarrassment or failure.  He is jubilant, he is joy, and he sees the world has so many possibilities available to him.  He embodies the energy of  the hummingbird archetype, the little bird with courageous ambitions and who feeds from the sweet nectar of life.

The Fool Tarot card illustrated here is a deck by Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano.  See more of his work here

MotherGODDESS Kali

Working with the dark feminine ultimately brings us to a place of rebirth, but before that we need to take her guidance to let die that which no longer serves us in our lives.  Lets take a look at her, this life, death, life mother the epitome of the dark night of the soul. 

Mother Sister Jaguar, Ortorongo, Isis, Hekate, Kali, Baba Yaga, they all represent the three stages of the cycle of Life (creation), Death  (Destruction) and Rebirth (transformation).  They are powerful, ferocious, seductive, sensual, just, protective and tender.

At our most recent workshop we worked with Kali, often referred to as “Black Mother Time” or “Goddess of Transformation” the uncompromising mother of death. It is very hard to understand the spiritual significance of such a goddess without doing some research. Kali’s name means, “time”. After learning more about Kali I have found new meaning in the saying, “time heals all wounds.” Kali reminds us that good really can come of difficult situations and stands at the ready to dance courage into our lives at our request. 

Kali’s bloodthirsty reputation reminds us of how life is full of a constant succession of endings. Death and rebirth.  Even now, seeing summer turn into winter, we are reminded of that.  It always feels good too when we get into the rebirthing time of the year, spring when pachamama stirs and works her magic.

Kali also reminds us that our lives will never change until we release (kill off) the outdated, unproductive beliefs we have. These beliefs can be anything from how we view ourselves to how we view religious dogma.  We all carry around our own fears, some of us call them our  “demons”.

In many of us there is dark element, a situation suppressed deep in our subconscious, we have a slight sense of its existence sometimes, but just cannot put our finger on it, we can feel it in “certain” situations, sometimes dreams allude to it………….  We feel uneasy when certain subjects are raised; we make decisions based on subconscious fears that don’t serve us. “Something” lurking from our past that we just cannot find or understand.  By working with the energy of the dark feminine, the dark goddess, she can provide us with a great gift, a golden key that will unlock the door and bring light into the dark

Lets have a look of some of these fears, some of these outmoded beliefs.  For many of us, as in the one of the nine rites of the Vasalisa story, it’s the voice of the Too Good Mother.

For some the voice of us the mother is LOUD, she can encroach on our growth and inhibit our natural WILDNESS, stop our natural vividness to shine powerfully in this world.   Her voice will ring in our heads, “Oh, don’t do that”,  “Your dress is too low, too short, too seductive”,  “ Good girls don’t do that”,  “boys don’t cry “ It’s a scary world out there”, “ You should do what your told”, “Be quiet don’t make a show of yourself”

For some parenting skills were abusive, both physical and/or sexual, resulting in emotions and feelings to be suppressed and pushed down, split off, self-esteem at it’s lowest.  For others a trauma of some kind, accident, rape, a death of a parent when young caused the same splitting off, deadening of the emotions. All these incidences have conditioned us to live through a very distorted view of ourselves and belief systems that do not serve us.

So many beliefs’ that we hold in all areas of our lives, as mothers and fathers, wives, sisters, husbands, lovers, brothers, workers, both culturally and individually, they suppress our natural instincts until we are a fraction of who we can be.  Our true wildness that was with us at birth gets buried, year by year more layers of “ I cant do this”, “Can’t to do that”, “That’s not for me”, “my body is ugly”,  “ I am useless”, “I am inadequate””, “I can’t do that because my family will think I am strange”, “I can’t write a book because I don’t have a university degree”, “I am stupid”,  “I am not a good mother”,  “Nobody will love me, I am unlovable”,  “I am not good enough”, “I am too fat, too thin”, it goes on and on. Each “untruth” falls like a leaf to the ground, decays leaving another layer of mulch for mother earth, but in turn, our “real” juicy, magical moistness”, our  “wildness” is getting buried deeper and deeper.

The usual emotion that stops us from stepping off this well trodden path of conformity is FEAR.    What does fear look like? Take a moment to reflect, recite to yourself a well-trodden statement, that little voice in your head that nags at you… where are you feeling it? See it, what colour is it? What shape, what texture is it, can you smell it, what senses does is conjure up………… It doesn’t sound too good does it, fear is taking up a lot psychic space, we haul this around all the time, its no wonder we get to the stage of not being able to carry the burden any longer.

To enable us to make space for our natural wildness to blossom, we need to “let go” bring death to our belief systems, this is the time to call in the energies of the Dark Feminine, she who knows the cycle of life / death / life

We all may have felt her at times, I know, I have embodied her many, many times myself.  Some of you may recognise her too?

“Some days I wield my sword with might, without apology.  Some days I anoint the messiest of wounds with the tenderest touch.    The power is in the courage to do what needs to be done for right action, for healing, for ultimate harmony”

A dark image, a ferocious woman, dismembered heads and limbs, dark, blood red.  White skulls, serpents, weapons.  Naked voluptuous body, free flowing hair, red lips, looking quite seductive, a far cry from MOTHER you might think…………. 

However she is not to be feared, this triple Goddess of Creation, preservation and destruction.   When journeying she told me that her naked dance was one of freedom, her stance held her power and her rattling saber held all the anger she felt towards those who had tried to suppress her. Behind the anger was pain. Behind the pain flowed the strength, understanding and the wisdom of our full feminine nature. When I stepped back from her and looked again she was beautiful. All of the fear I had placed on her had disappeared and I knew that she had much to teach me and that I had much to learn.

One way to get in touch with this powerful feminine energy is to dance, put on some really emotive music that stimulates movement, where loose clothing, feel the strong energies rise as you call her in.  See her wild hair, her naked voluptuous body, her red mouth, her saber of destruction, the blood, heads ripped from bodies and her necklace of white skulls, she is there in her all her ferocity, face her, this is your fear.  Then turn up the volume and confront her, let her frenzied nature embrace you, shout, scream, dance and stamp around, let all go that which no longer serves you.    Then as those old “fear” energies subside, let her comfort you, feel her embrace, her tenderness, feel her skin next to yours, let her attend to your wounds, she knows, understand what it has taken to get to this point.  Give thanks to her in helping you to find the courage to face up to her and release your fear and unlock the door to your own wildness, your own intuitive magical nature……………………….. Run free………………….

Close your eyes if you want to, let your body move, let if flow and speak its own language, let your belly speak

Serpent Archetype

July 11, 2009

THE SERPENT is our connection to Sexuality and Knowledge 

Helps us to see the world exactly as it is

Helps us to shed our skins completely and cleanly

the Serpent archetype is our connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama and the energy of serpent, kundalini is connected to our blood red  root / base chakra

Snake GreenPython no backgroundSERPENT – the binding principal

The binding principal, the stories we have been taught to live by and are bound to the lives we live.  Through these beliefs we are bound up tight, Serpent unbinds us from these stories allowing us to shed them as she sheds her skin, cleanly and all in one piece.


The language of serpent is at the level of the physical and the body… everything is as it is – no wrapping stories round it, no judgment, and no criticisms just the bare facts. Serpent sees things precisely as they are with no embellishment.  We translate this in terms of scientific, chemical and biological terms – we talk of body parts, molecules, and chemistry.

From Serpent we learn to see things without judgment, no labels, no stories, just bare facts.


Learning to know how Serpents works with you:

  • Serpent accepts everything at face value, it doesn’t build stories around things – just sees the bare facts – not how you feel about the facts.
  • Practice non-attachment by letting things be just as they are, rather than how they ‘should be’. If there is a ‘should’ thought in you there is attachment!   Practice beginners mind – everything is new.
  • Practice non suffering… there is always going to be pain – dwelling on how you feel that pain and how it affects… that is suffering, it is what you wrap around your pain, the stories you give it.
  • Practice walking the beauty way – touch everyone with beauty (when you do this everything that is NOT beauty seems to rise up before you, until you learn that EVERYTHING is beautiful!)
  • Practice non-judgment – of self of others. Learn to BE with acceptance. (That’s just how it is, how they are, how I am at this moment in time).
  • Morning breath work at meeting with the archetypes feeds these within you and helps them grow.
  • Grow your relationship to Serpent and indeed all the archetypes with Fire Ceremony. The fire ceremonies for getting to know your archetypes are personal so you do them alone. Fire ceremonies are done at new moon and full moon. Once you have created a relationship with each archetype with you first personal fire for each you can then do it with others to great effect