Two dear friend of mine are facillitating a series of workshops over the coming months, I urge you take a look and if you feel drawn to work with the medicine wheel, then please book a place on the first workshop…………

WORKSHOP ONE:  Saturday 20 to Sunday 21st April 2013


 The Way of the Serpent: Truth and Beauty

In this workshop we learn about our birth, our connection to the Mother and about our living home, Planet Earth.  We learn how to make deep, intuitive and energetic connections with Nature and begin to understand what it means to be part of the Living Cosmos.

We work with the archetypal symbol Serpent, sometimes feared, sometimes revered in the contrary World of Men.  We explore Serpent’s essential female nature and beauty, her Earth-bound wisdom, her life-giving properties and the Medicine she offers us:  Truth and Beauty.  With her Medicine we dive into the depths of who we are, we are confronted with who, through the years, we have become and she teaches us the Way of Beauty through the constant practice of Letting Go.  She shows us how to shed our past and all the things we have clung onto the way that she sheds her skin: all in one piece.  She thus shows us that life is an endless series of deaths and rebirths as we learn to come to terms and celebrate who we are and what we have right NOW, in this moment.

DAY ONE (Saturday 20th April)

  • Introductions and opening of Sacred Space
  • Working with the Energy Body: a practical session learning how to access the energies of the Upper World and Mother Earth to support and strengthen one’s own luminous field
  • Despacho: a traditional Andean prayer mandala to invoke the tutelary spirit of Sachamama
  • A guided journey to the Middle World:  the Sacred Garden.  This journey takes us to the pristine rivers, forests, meadows and mountains of the untainted Middle World which was given to us by the Creator to enable us to delight in the pleasures of being human.  Here we encounter two Trees: the Tree of Beauty and the Tree of Truth representing an essential duality of human life.
  • The Medicine Bundle: an introduction to the Shaman’s toolkit and how to work with sacred stones to track energy and facilitate healing.
  • Sand Painting work: learning how to use objects from Nature to create an individual Mandala to come to understand who we are and where we source ourselves from.  We will return to these sand paintings throughout the workshop to help process different experiences over the weekend.
  • Sachamama, Great Serpent: story-telling and movement will help us understand the essence of this mythical, archetypal being who will support our work throughout the weekend.
  • River of Life:  we will each create a sacred “timeline” to represent key moments which have shaped our lives.  This will help us “see”, from a shamanic perspective, who we have become and where we source ourselves from energetically.
  • Sachamama’s Journey: a guided journey, supported by Sachamama, to take us down our Rivers of Life and to begin the process of shedding the past.
  • Fire Ceremony: we learn how to build a Sacred Fire and then how to work with this most powerful of the four elements to support our work.

DAY TWO (Sunday, 21st April)

  • Fire Breathing and the Three Centres of Power: we learn how to stoke our internal fire and how to awaken the three centres of shamanic power that reside within us.
  • Walking Meditation:  learning how to walk in harmony with nature and how to exchange energies with one of the most powerful of Nature’s beings: trees.
  • The Twin Trees: within our Sacred Space we use ancient Andean techniques to help us create a web of energy between two trees which will represent the essence of our work in the South: Truth and Beauty.
  • Creating and performaing ritual: here we learn how to bring ceremony and ritual together in order to engage directly in the weaving together of Truth and Beauty, supported by Nature and assisted by our Power Animal for this workshop, Sachamama.
  • Infinity Dance:  as we dance in Sacred Space, between the Twin Trees representing Truth and Beauty, we begin to understand how this is really a Cosmic Dance.  And through dance, we begin the process of transformation and awakening.  We become initiates in the Shaman’s Way.
  • Closing ceremony with Talking Stick


£100:  This includes all teaching, evening meal on Saturday, overnight stay, breakfast and lunch on Sunday and also includes £15 booking fee payable in advance (see “To Book” below).



Neil Brocklehurst and Ali Rabjohns are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and Ali at



Abney Scout and Guide Training and Residential Centre, Newlands Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 2PD


To book your place please phone Healthy Spirit on 0161 434 6784, or call in to the shop at 37 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TW. You can find out more about Healthy Spirit at You will be asked to pay a £15 deposit per workshop and make this payable to Healthy Spirit.  The remaining balance of £85 per workshop will be payable either in cash or cheque to the facilitators one week prior to each workshop.



Please phone Neil on 07985 211975 or visit his website