The Start of a New Decade

February 2, 2010


And what an auspicious beginning, the 13th full moon of the year arose for the last time in 2009 to a partial lunar eclipse.   How amazing is all this, a real time of change where major shifts take place both personally and globally.

This Moon, second one in the month of December is actually called a Blue moon, it happens approx once every three years, hence the saying some say “once in a blue moon”. On her journey through the cosmos she passes through the constellation of Cancer and the Sun will be moving opposite the Moon through the constellation of Capricorn.  As you know, we tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. This emotional and sometimes rather shaky environment occurs because there is change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically.

As the moon begins to grow rich and full, tension begins to build until it reaches a crescendo and literally eclipses the sun.    Immediately there is a release, a real sense of freedom, blockages begin to crumble as we let go of everything that no longer serves us in our lives.

I see this time as a real era of change, like a huge heavy door opening up before us, allowing us to take flight into the unknown.  A starting point of our epic journey to who we are becoming. We all have the opportunity now to dream a new world into being, allowing ourselves to open up to the bigger picture and start co-create something really new for this beautiful world of ours.

Last weekend saw the first new moon of the decade, it was huge with a warm golden glow, its proximity to Mars and its reflection gave it this beautiful colour.  The full moon was in Leo with Venus and Mars astride.  A Full Moon is light (the Sun) fully illuminating what is hidden or unconscious (the Moon) – so that should be viewed as something that the Universe decrees as having arrived at a time when it needs to be exposed and so brought closer to being resolved.   It prompts us to take a good look at how courageous we are.

Do we have what it takes to see things through? Are we brave enough to confront what is necessary to make the long-lasting changes? The Sun in Aquarius reminds us to be progressive and creative and learn to take a step back and view things from a more balanced perspective.

This coming year feels so good, there is definitely a huge shift in the way I view my world now,  knowing that mother earth is there supporting my every step keeps me grounded, connected and able to move forward with certainty